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This Will Change Your Life FOREVER!

This is a message meant to encourage and revive ...  I pray that you will allow the Word of God to work in your life.
I was listening to the
Ray Boltz song " I will praise the Lord".  As this song started
talking about Paul and Silas' experience in prison it really fired me
up inside.  I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share this.  I know a
lot of you know the story of Paul and Silas in prison ... it takes
place in Acts 16 .....

One of the key things to do in order to break any bondages through Christ by Praising

Just open your hearts and your spiritual ears to catch what this is
saying.  It's awesome how everything in the Word relates to
everything that we have gone through or will ever go through..

In Acts 16:22 it starts off where Paul and Silas were being

"The crowd joined in the attack upon them, and the rulers tore the
clothes off of them and commanded that they be beaten with rods. 
And when they had struck them with many blows, they threw them into
prison, charging the jailer to keep them safely. 

He having received [so strict a] charge, put them into the inner
prison (the dungeon) and fastened their feet in the stocks.
But about midnight, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns
of praise to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.
Suddenly, there was a great earthquake, so that the very foundations
of the prison were shaken; and all at once all the doors were opened
and everyone's shackles were unfastened."

Brothers and Sisters do you get what this is saying?????   Oh Glory to God you
can praise the doors to the prison you're in open and the chains that
have you bound will be released just as Paul and Silas' were!!!
No matter what situation you're in, no matter how dark and cold it
is, no matter how  beaten and worn you are, no matter what your
environment is around you, just Praise Him!!!
But wait, there's more --------
Acts 16:27  "When the jailer startled out of his sleep, saw that the
prison doors were open, he drew his sword and was on the point of
killing himself, because he supposed that the prisoners had escaped. 
But paul, shouted, Do not harm yourself, for we are all here!
Then the jailer called for lights and rushed in, and trembling and
terrified he fell down before Paul and Silas.
And he brought them out of the dungeon and said, Men, what is it
necessary for me to do that I may be saved?
And they answered, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, give yourself up
to Him, take yourself out of your own keeping and entrust yourself
into His keeping and you will be saved, and this applies both to you
and your household as well."

Oh Glory to God this is awesome!!!  So, by Paul and Silas' action of
Praising the Lord in this dark time, and by the doors coming open and
their bonds coming off of them ... people around them wanted to know
how they could have that too! 

When other people see you get set free .. they will want to know how
they too can be set free!!!  This mess that you're in now, will be
your message to others later ... that test that you're enduring
today, will be your testimony tomorrow .... What I'm saying is, let
the love of Christ in you shine so brightly that you want to make it
through whatever you're going through not ONLY for YOU but so you can
be a living testimony that JESUS IS ALIVE and what He does for one,
He will do for others!!!  

 Brothers and Sisters ...  I know that you may sometimes feel like you too are in a
dark dungeon just as Paul and Silas were ... stuck within walls and
hands bound so that you feel helpless... but what worked for Paul and
Silas will work for you ... Praise the Lord in good times, Praise the
Lord in bad times .. Praise the Lord no matter what.. God is no
respector of persons... He will do it for you too... just Praise
Him .....