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I didn't really know what to title this page. Every now and then I write a little story that shows the importance of faith in our Lord Jesus. I'm not a professional writer but I do know the love of our Lord and I like finding a creative way to show others how He works in our everyday lives. Sometimes they're very short, sometimes they're a little longer, but either way, I hope they bless you.
all stories inspired by God, written by TJ


Just Believe

Do YOU know who I am? a faint whisper was heard by the unbeliever

No I'm afraid not! the unbeliever replied
Afraid you should not be, For it is ME, the Lord God Almighty!

I don't need a god or a higher power in my life, I am doing fine on my own.
The unbeliever answered

On your own so you think? What about last year when that little Chevrolet
ran that stop sign and by 'chance' you happened to look to your left and bring
your car to a halt? Do you really believe that was ON YOUR OWN?
On Your own you say? How about just last week when you were up in despair
during the middle of the night with tears pouring out of your eyes because you
felt lost in life? You said that you didn't know why your life felt so empty, that
you were missing something but you didn't know what that was. That no
matter what you did and how much you succeeded, life still felt empty. That no
matter how many people you knew loved you, you still felt, discontent. That no
matter how many times you have looked at yourself in the mirror and told
yourself that you could do it, something inside still told you, not alone you
can't. Who do you think was there with His arms wrapped around you,
comforting you in spirit letting you know that You are always loved and Never

I don't know what to say about that. The unbeliever replied
I was just being a wimp and I knew it would all be ok, I just knew. The
unbeliever added

You just knew did ya? How did you JUST know? How did you come to that
conclusion? It was I that reassured you that everything was going to be ok. It
was Me that touched the heart of the banker, who believes in me, to let you
have one more week to come up with the money for your mortgage. It was Me
that whispered to your boss, who by the way is also a believer in me, that you
are a good worker, worthy of a raise that in turn enabled you to pay the
banker within that very same week. It was ME!

Well, I suppose that could be a possibility. The unbeliever thought

A possibility you think? Is it possible that in your own strength
you have withstood all the heartache that you have been in lately? Is it possible
that the wife you have been ignoring has been talking to me about you? Is it
possible that the child that calls you Daddy is in
the very next room talking to me at this very moment asking me to please help
you to see that Jesus really loves you? Is it possible that a child of only 4 years
prays more passionately than most adults because he wants his Daddy to go to
heaven someday?

The unbeliever began to weep. The tears slowly filling his eyes as they
streamed down his face he said "Yes, it is possible."

Again, I will ask you; Do YOU know who I Am?

The man took a deep breath and said:
Yes, I do! You are my Saviour, the one who died for me, the Son of God, my
precious Redeemer, the Lamb of God, the Living God, It is you, the one with
the nail scarred hands, You are the Great I AM!
Forgive me for not believing, for now I see the truth, I see that it was YOU that
has sought me out, YOU have brought me to your light, you have given me the
strength to get through life thus far... You are the Great I AM, not the great I
was, or the Great Will be, but the Great I AM! You are the same yesterday,
today and forever! The NEW Believer answered with a smile and a tear

At that very moment, the Lord said, You are forgiven, for that is why my Son,
Christ Jesus took those nails in His hands. You are free my child from the
bondage of sin. Rejoice in the knowledge that you shall not perish but have
everlasting life! Now go and let others know what it feels like to be forgiven!
And don't forget that I have sent the Holy Spirit to live within you to guide
you, just listen and He will show you the way.

The new believer started to walk away and looked up and before he could say a
word the Lord answered and said

Yes my child, I am always here for you,
Praise me for what I do, Worship me for who I Am,
and when in need, or just to talk to me, kneel down,
The answer is only a prayer away

Are YOU in denial about who's hands your lifes really in? Sit back and take a
reality check. Things don't happen by chance, they happen for a reason.
Dont forget that there is someone, somewhere that is praying for you. He
hears us! Praying for our lost loved ones is important! God answers our pleas
for the salvation of our unsaved loved ones in His time and in His way. Just
believe; and so much more you will receive.


The Bus Stop


Cough cough Achooo! sniffle sniffle " God Bless You ", said the teenage boy, to the middle aged woman sitting next to him on the bench at the 51st street bus stop. " Well thank you, God bless you too honey " .  Looking puzzled the boy said " I didnt sneeze " . the woman said " whats your point? "  He said " well you said God bless you and I didnt sneeze "  " I still dont understand son " ,said the woman.  " I know you didnt sneeze, but I would still like God to bless you. "  " Uh, ok lady, whatever you say " , piped the boy.  A busy businesswoman in her early 30s was listening to the conversation and snickering inside because the topic to her was such a waste of time she thought. 

  The middle-aged woman pursued the conversation further asking the boy if he knew that God loved him.  The boy shrugged his shoulders and replied  "yeah I guess. "  " Well, son, He does love you, more than anything else. "  He was in kind of a hurry and the bus was running late, so he was trying his hardest to make the conversation as boring as possible in hopes that the lady would stop talking to him. 

 She continued on by saying " He changed my life, just 2 years ago, but He changed it forever and I 'll never forget that day. "  Peaking his curiosity and the curiosity of the business woman, the boy asked, " oh yeah, how 'd He do that? "  With a simple reply she said, " He saved me "  " yeah from what? " questioned the boy.  " He saved me from living my life without experiencing life the way I was created to live it. "  That wasnt an answer either of them were expecting.  Puzzled and stuck between curiosity and confusion the boy went on to say  " Uh , as he was biting his fingernails  " wh wh whats the difference in your life now than before He uh saved you? "   " Oh I thought youd never ask! "  The businesswoman turned more their direction almost to invite herself into the conversation at this point. 

 The middle-aged woman began emitting a glow and a smile streamed across her face as she began to speak.  " It was about 2 years ago, my life seemed hopeless, although it looked pretty normal to most people.  I had the typical family, a husband who loved me, a daughter graduating high school, pretty good grades, a son in college, also with good grades. What was missing?  I wasnt sure.  I had raised my children with good morals, I had been a stay at home mom for most of their childhood and yet, I felt incomplete. Ron, my husband, hes great, he hardly ever complained about much, pretty passive guy, but me, oh my, I was always complaining about wanting more out of life, and doing more in life and so on.  I had dreams of going back to college, at my age? Ha! What a laugh huh? "  The boy and the businesswoman were very interested at this point. 

 " Well " ,she continued " I was at home one day, in the middle of the morning, it was quiet, nobody was home.  I had done all my chores and was flipping through the channels on the television when I came to a show and a woman was talking to a large crowd.  She seemed so practical and down to earth, and even funny so I stopped there and listened to what she had to say.  She sure did step on my toes with some of the stuff she said but she was correct!  She spoke about God and with such boldness!  I heard her talk about her family and it seemed pretty familiar to me, but yet I wanted what she had, that boldness, that life inside!  When the show was over, she spoke briefly about giving our hearts to Jesus and I prayed with her.  I wanted at that point so very deeply for a change in my life, a completeness, a deeper desire to live life!  It was almost instantly but I felt in a sense, lighter.  A weight had been lifted off of me and since then I have been soaring through life with a purpose! " There were about 30 seconds of silence then shocked, they heard,  " I want that! " ,shouted the businesswoman unexpectedly.  Almost in tears the middle-aged woman said, " I knew you did, thats why I shared my story, because I know you are seeking something deeper in life arent you? "  " Yes!  I cant seem to catch my breath at times, its almost like Im going in circles, I just want to stop and breathe! "  The middle aged woman put her hand on the young ladies shoulder and asked,  " Do you want to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and live life the way you were created to live it? "  " I most certainly do " she replied with one tear streaming down her cheek. 

The middle aged woman lead her in prayer and while waiting for the bus on 51st street the young ladys life was changed forever.  She had shown up at that bus stop with worries of getting her car out of the shop a.s.a.p., and the weight of a weeks worth of appointments pounding in her head. 

  She stepped onto that bus, a new creation in Christ Jesus. Stepping into life, the life she was created to live, journeying down the road that would reveal the purpose she was created to fulfill.


2 Cor 5:17  Therefore if any person is in Christ he is a new creation the old  has passed away.  Behold, the fresh and new has come!


December 19,2002