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I love writing about anything really, but am truly inspired by my precious Savior, Jesus. I hope that you read them with an open and receptive heart. May God Bless you ..


Thank you Jesus!

Lord, you are so faithful and your promises are true!

I love you! I love you! I love you!

I pray that my life on this earth is pleasing to you.

The thought of your glory and heaven with eternal love and joy lifts me up!

Oh Father to dwell in your presence is where I hunger to be!

My heart is full with your love and peace.

My spirit calls to you; My flesh weeps with joy at the first sensation of your presence.

Oh God always dwell near!

To be far away from you, just the thought, I cannot bear.

You are faithful to your people and will not forsake them!

It is because of your abundant love for us, that for our comfort, the Holy Spirit you send.

Father, ever should I stray -- Do what you will with me and this life -- sweet Jesus just have your way.

Oh Mighty God with my whole being do I praise you!

Oh Lord I praise you with smiling; I praise you with joyful laughter

Oh God; shouts of praise flow from my mouth

To you I say;

Praise God! Oh I thank you and magnify your glorious precious and Holy name!

Praise Jesus, my living Savior!

Because of you sweet Jesus, the chains of bondage that were once clamped around my freedom are now lying on the floor!

Not by any other are chains broken,

none but Jesus the great deliverer and redeemer to us all!

It is for you Jesus that I fall

Falling on my knees to worship your greatness and glory!

Oh my soul cries to you Lord for your love and guidance!

I see the stars that were placed, just so, by your gentle hands

The infinite capacity of heaven;

Containing all of your glory

Oh Father of mine

Your majesty amazes me!

I praise you Lord

I exalt thee!

I stand before this world and proclaim that by Jesus, your Son, I am set free!


~ Your Arms ~

Jesus, just the soothing sound of your
precious name rolling off of my tongue comforts me
My whole being is filled with overwhelming love for you
Just as the waves are drawn to the moon,
I am drawn to you
The selfless love that you had shown when you walked the world
Your strength and compassion for others
Oh Jesus, how strong your arms must be
For as the song says,
You did save a wretch like me
The bonds that held me and kept me away from your love
are a distant memory now
For it is only to you that my knee bows
My sweet Savior, My precious redeemer
How I love thee with no limitations nor boundaries of this
world or any other
My heart is yours, forever and ever
When I am feeling cold, I feel your arms around me
When I am feeling deep sadness, your arms are around me
As my walk with you gets a little rough and the road begins to take a sharp turn
I feel the warmth and security of your arms
Oh sweet Jesus, I love you, I love you, I love you
My heart hungers for your presence always
I live my life for you,
It is you whom I obey
Your Love and guidance take me through every single day
The air that I breathe, only has you in it
The food that I eat, are Your words that feed my soul
The energy that my body maintains, is from your strength
,Your wisdom and acts of Love and kindness
Every essence of you has
given me the will to move on and go forth and talk about Christ,
My Savior, My Redeemer,
My Inner Strength, and the keeper of my heart
So, I will go on, and tell all of
the lost that I see about how you Saved me
For it is my hope and prayer, for everyone to feel the love of You from within
to know that you are the only Savior and Lord,
and that oh so warm,
comforting feeling
of being wrapped in your arms

~By TJ~

~Don't Judge~

Please do not judge or call me names
I know that Christians are often the target of many things
He said that we would be persecuted in so many ways for believing
in Him and yes indeed, we have been
Some people just dont understand, that their lives are truly in Gods hands
If only they could open their hearts to Jesus and feel what I feel inside
They would know why I always have that goofy smile on my face
and why I dont follow along with the rest of the rat race
I am here for my Lord and Savior and not anyone more
I do things out of the goodness of my heart, for Jesus,
and in turn, I am blessed in various ways
The next time you choose to judge or say bad things about
a follower of Christ,
Open your eyes, and sit back
Watch the world and notice that there is some
goodness still left out there
When there is a family in need, God helps them, through people
His followers, Christians
He works through us, indeed
I am honored to have him working through me with these very words
It fills my soul with such joy to know that I can make some kind of difference
in this world
Have you ever been in such despair and strife, and said something in the way of God help me?
Thats not an accident, he wants you to ask for His help,
for thats what Fathers do, is help their children
I thank Him everyday for lighting that fire inside me to do all that
I am capable of to spread his message to so many
I Praise Him, Yes I do! Praise God and Jesus too!
Some people may laugh or snicker at the way I get
a bit excited when it comes to Praising my God,
but I do not live for this world and I do not care
what anyone in this world thinks about how I
Praise my Savior
My God is so wonderful and awesome
that I could never in a million
years thank Him for all that he has done
I can only hope that in time, more people will open their
hearts and their minds to how great their lives can be with God in their
So, for now, I will go on doing my duty as a child and servant of God
I know you will call me a pest, or a nuisance, but
Dont worry about hurting my feelings,
I am only trying to help save you from what this world
has in store
If you decide not to take what I have to say to heart,
That is your choice, but remember
God loves you and is only using people such as myself
to keep you from any forthcoming harm
So for now, I will say God Bless you and may you
humble yourself soon to being able to believe in He who loves You

~Hearts Always Hear~

Do you ever have that feeling of hoplessness?
Like, nobody cares, or ever will?
Then, when things seem like they might be going your way
Something always happens, to set you back another day
such a deep, dark, scarey emotion
Yet it always seems to get the best of me at times
equally scarey as fear,
not knowing what to do, where to go, who to go to
Ever lay in bed, right before you feel yourself drifting off into a slumber, and talk to the sky?
Where does that come from?
Some people have little faith, yet still find themselves doing exactly that in times of need and despair
He's always there to help us, always there to listen,
always there to feel our pain.
Our heavenly Father, there with His angels, sent down
in our times of confusion, to whisper words of comfort, love, and hope to our hearts
He may not speak loudly enough for our ears to hear Him,
but our hearts always hear
Thank You Lord, for helping me to lay my head down at
night, close my eyes, and to drift to sleep knowing that everything is going to be fine
Thank you angels for helping my heavenly Father
to look after me everyday

Born Again

I once misunderstood the meaning of being born again
I may have never understood at all
But Jesus, you kept tugging at my heart
and I could not ignore your call

So I knelt down
I cried out, "Jesus save my soul!"
Im sorry that I hurt you, with my unholy
I am ready to walk away from all of that
The tears came rolling down my face as I said , I know you died for me, and
the third day you rose again
So here I am, oh Lord, crying out to you,
inviting you into my heart,
Oh, God blanket me with you

Sweet Jesus, oh how you make me feel
Being born again is just that,
My heart is new,
My spirits new
and my whole life too
I feel like a little baby, when I know youre near
For when I cry "I need you Lord",
Is when I feel you more and more
Ill never forget that night that

I knelt down
I cried out, Jesus save my soul!
Im sorry that I hurt you, with my unholy acts
I am ready to walk away from all of that
The tears came rolling down my face as I said, I know you died for me, and
the third day you rose again
So, here I am Lord, crying out to you
inviting you into my heart
Oh, Lord, blanket me with you

Precious Redeemer, just Hold me,
and Love me,
and guide me the right way
I feel like Im cradled in your arms everyday
I love you, I need you, you are where I wanna be
So someday, I know, Ill be with you eternally

TJ - 11-8-01

~ Invisible Bonds ~

In life there are many things
that our eyes can see
In life there are also many precious
things that we cannot see
Such as, emotions, faith, trust, loyalty
We have invisible bonds that hold us together
like glue holds together something broken
Without the glue, it would be in
Of our invisible bonds
the strongest one would be
Love holds many people together
Without it, we would fall to pieces
That bond that makes us feel secure and happy
Without it, we would fall to pieces
Perhaps one of the hardest bonds to keep
It can be very easy to lose if Trust and
Love arent there to help keep it in tact
Having the bond of faith gives us the feeling
of strength and motivation that we all need to feel
People in this world seem to think
that the things we can see are more important
When we make material possesions and ideals
priority over our invisible bonds
then we slowly start to fall to pieces
Without those bonds in life
None of us would be put together quite right
I know when I lay my head down on my pillow tonight
I have kept those bonds in tact
I hope that when my life is near to its end
that I may look back and know in my heart
that those bonds I did not lack


~Peace over Me~

Dear Lord, I know you are there
I am humbled,
kneeling before you in this
time of great despair
Please God,
hear me as I say this prayer
My heavenly Father,
I have been living my life for You
In all instances,
Your influence shines through
If someone opens their mouth,
only for filth to come pouring out,
I say a silent prayer for them,
and know that you will clean that filth out
O Jesus,
In this day of skepticism,
as my faith holds strong,
People around the world, still say
that your Word is wrong
It pierces my heart, and my soul
to hear such words of doubt
Oh precious Savior,
What has this world come to?
So many people, so much hate,
and it finally came to an act of shear hate
that I know
was the influence of Satan himself
I Glorify Your name Lord,
I want to be submerged by Peace
in my heart
over this grief and disbelief that has
covered our Nation
Dear Lord, I am here for You
Use me as You see fit in anyway
As I pray to You,
I almost instantly feel
that Peace, over my whole being
Over all things, You, Heavenly Father
Always fulfill Your promises to your children
I am here Jesus,
I will be waiting patiently
for You to come when it is time
I am ready,
I have my spiritual bags packed
I am working daily to find and to help
save lost people out there Lord
I praise You, Oh Lord I praise You
for putting the desire in my heart
each and everyday
to go out and minister to people
about You and
Your wonderful Grace
For I will Glorify Your name here on this Earth
Until that
wonderful day, I meet You face to face
In Jesus name I pray


My Walk

Feeling as if I have sunken into a hollow place

Feeling blinded by this world and the weight

it lays upon my soul

I began my walk with You not so long ago

It's been sweet and it's been challenging

But within me, I find faith everlasting

You never promised a walk with no bumps

on the road of life

There have been trials,

there have been blessings,

And through it all,

You have been with me

Oh Jesus, my sweet , sweet, Redeemer,

my flawless perfect friend

the price for my salvation I see

in your hands

My trust in You is overflowing

Your Holy Spirit in me is always guiding

My heart is heavy with the sorrows of

this world, but my spirit

is light with your ever enduring

Love and Grace

I may reach a fork in the road during my walk with


But when that comes to pass

My eyes will be lifted up towards the heavens to You

My sweet Savior, it is the peace you instill

within my being that gives me the knowledge

of which direction to continue

My life is so truly in your hands Jesus,

the sacrifice you made by the nails in your

hands are the most precious gift

Father, You are the Almighty Lord

and with you, and only You, my walk to everlasting life

will move forth

inspired by God,,, written by TJ 11/19/01

~Love Him~

I have been told by so many as
I witness to them and tell them of Gods love
and Jesus' sacrifice, about the cross and, His blood
Yet they still do not feel as if they're worthy of His forgiveness
They say "Oh, I have done some dreadful things, He could never forgive me"
My heart weeps when I feel their pain inside.
I then ask God to give me guidance on what to tell them
Then I feel what is laid on my heart to say;
Just Love Him
Love Him with every fiber of your being
Love him above all things in your life
Love Him passionately and faithfully
Trust Him,
know that He holds your life in his hands every single moment of every single day of every single year
Trust in the fact that He wants what is best for you, His child
He is not waiting for you to 'mess up' to comdemn you
No, He is always talking to you, trying to get you to listen
to Him
We all hear the Holy Spirit telling us what we need to do
But do we Listen?
Believe in Him
He is real, His Love is real, He Loves all of us so much
that He gave his only begotten Son
Jesus beared so much pain , emotionally and physically for us
A perfect human being walked this Earth so many years ago
Spreading His love and good works and miracles
He suffered so at Calvary on that cross, my tears well up
when I really think about what he did for us
He bridged the gap between Us and God
so now, through Him, God can forgive anyone
Confess your sins to the Lord,
Turn away from those sins and do them no more,
Live for God
What a precious gift
Just love Him, and tell Him every single day that you Love Him
Feel the blanket of His warm love over you
Trust in Him, whole heartedly, completely, give it all to God
and Believe in Him; He is the only God and know that when you live for Him
you will spend eternity in glory, where there is no hate, no despair, no fear, just
Heavenly Father, I feel more and more people
opening their hearts to you every day
Jesus, my Savior, my redeemer, my friend
I dream of that day when I meet you face to face
sweet Jesus, your love has changed my heart and my life
So, in turn, I am spreading your message whenever and to whoever I can
I give you all the glory and Praise for everything in my life.
My heart is yours

Oh Jesus as I sit and think
of how much you gave up and sacrificed
for me, for us
The strength it must have taken,
The pain you must have felt,
The hatred that was aimed at you
Precious Jesus,
Son of Man,
My Only Savior,
Come into my heart,
For I feel so shameful
when I experience self pity
You light my way and
Hold my hand
You know what is in my heart
at all times
Forgive me when I sin,
I try so hard not to
I am living for You
If this earthly body of mine
becomes ill someday
My heart will stay with you my Lord
I shall fear not illness, nor loss, nor death
It is more to fear not being with you
in your kingdom for eternity
Come into my heart to stay,
Loving you keeps my heart light day to day
I Praise you, and Glorify your name with
all I have
Always and forever I want to be with you


Any words that were written here were inspired by my precious Savior, Jesus Christ..If you feel that sharing any of my writing with anyone might help them to invite Jesus into their hearts, Please do. Spread the Word! God Bless!