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Just a little info on my great home state of Texas!!

Click Here to take a virtual tour of my hometown!


Ya know, as long as I can remember, us Texans seem to always be getting picked on about our accents, but I honestly don't hear an accent around here. Ya'll are the one's with the accent! <s> Here's a lil dictionary for ya if ya ever come and visit!

*Texan to English Dictionary*
Chunk..... To toss or throw an object
Merefurminit..... Come here for a minute
Smatterwhichyew..... What's the matter with you
Moverhere..... Come over here
Momenims..... As in "Mom and them is" out back
Yarnt..... As in "You Aren't" really gong to do that are you?
Ponder..... To think about or to wonder about sumpthin
Cowboy..... I don't Know this one. Cows are girls and bulls are boys. Could be some sort of small farm animal
Truk..... A vehicle known to roam West Texas
Tars..... Round rubber objects connected to the wheels of Truks. Yankee's call em tires
Road Kill..... Free Lunch
Whachadunenite..... As in "What are you doing tonight"
Armadillo..... Big armor plated rat known to roam Texas
Road Runner..... Person being chased by a truk

It helps to know these, especially if ya ever decide to visit a little bitty ole town like the one I'm from! We love to have visitors, so ya'll come on down now ya hear?! hehe



Our State Flower: The Bluebonnet (aren't they so purdy?!)

I can't imagine living anywhere else but this awesome state! It's so beautiful and has such a vast variety! I happen to live in the Hill Country and believe it is a little piece of Heaven on Earth!