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I wanted to use this page to fill in all the information on the things that have been going on in my life in the past few months!

Wow!!  It has been Waaaaaaay too long since I've updated this!!  Obviously I've been busy and well, honestly I haven't made this internet ministry a priority in my life this past year.  I know I should and I do plan on adding to the site and updating the look a little.  Since the last time I updated this, I had my baby, a little girl, she's soo cute!  In fact she 's already 3 years old!  God is great and although I know that, times have been rough lately.  Pray for me and my family!  It's in these times that we are the weakest that God's strength shines through us most.  My God only knows that if I was still the person I used to be, before Him, I would have already crumbled into a million pieces.  Life is good, I'm glad to be alive and to be here to point the lost to Jesus.  Oh yeah, we have moved, yet again, this time back to Texas!  I reside in the Austin area now.. woo hoo!  Or should I say, Yee Haaw!?!  Ah well, I'll keep everyone posted, if anyone still comes here to visit, lol.  If you do, please sign the guestbook so I'll know you did, even though you may have signed it before, it's ok, repeat signing is allowed, lol.  God Bless!!