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  One night,  I was sweeping my kitchen and came upon a penny.  I saw that penny lying on the floor amongst the rest of the crumbs and dryer lent and so on and a thought came to me.  So many times, we will see a penny on the ground, in a dirty parking lot, or in a puddle or something and wouldn't think twice about picking it up because, I mean, it's just a penny right?  That's what went through my head  as I watched the penny being swept about the floor along with the pile of stuff that was to be thrown away.  I thought to myself, "how can I throw that away, knowing that it's worth something"  That was quite a revelation to me.  I thought about how many people will drop a penny and leave it because they're too lazy to pick it up, because "it's only a penny".  They don't think that it's worth something because "it's only a penny"  Well, let me tell you what struck me the hardest about that whole penny incident.  I sure am glad that God didn't look at us as 'just pennies'  He thought enough about us that He didn't just sweep us away to be thrown to hell, but He sent His Son to pick us up and dust us off, make us all clean and shiny, because "We are worth something"  Jesus sees our worth when others don't... Jesus knows that we're not just another 'penny on the ground getting overlooked"  We are worth so much to the Lord that He died for us.  I looked at that penny on the floor and I picked it up, I dusted it off and put it in my pocket because I knew that if I got a few more of those together, they would be worth even more.  See where I'm goin with this?  It may seem like that if Jesus cleans up (saves) one person, what good are they?  Well, that one person will go tell another person about their salvation and Jesus, a few more get saved, a few more, and a few more and it goes on and on and on.  Bottom line is that GOD thinks that we are worth enough to give His only begotten Son  so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!!! Hallelujah!   
  So, the next time you come up on an old dirty lookin' penny in the parking lot or wherever, pick it up, dust it off and put it in your pocket, because it IS worth something!  No matter how little it is ....... God loves all of His creation and sees all of our worth.... no matter how little we think we are ...... that includes you and me!