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One night as I was moving some stuff around, I cut my thumb on a sharp edge of something.  I didn't really dwell on it much, it was one of those more annoying cuts than painful.  I was sitting here chatting with a friend of mine and as I started typing, and bending my thumb, it started really hurting!  I told him that I had cut my thumb right on the 'bendie part' ya know that part where your thumb bends?  It didn't start hurting until I started bending my thumb!  Right after I had typed that, the Lord spoke to me and said:

ya know ..... think about this .... alot of times we 'bend' our morals and our standards to please someone else and when we crucify that part of our flesh, the bendie part, it really hurts because we have to straighten up and withstand all that living upright contains

Ouch that truth sure did hurt!  It's so true too!  It could be something as little as being around someone who says a particular word that you don't think is appropriate or hearing someone tell a joke that isn't very tasteful and then you laugh at it ... Oh boy, that's a hard one isnt it?  I've caught myself doing that from time to time and that is what is called "bending" instead of standing upright and firm on what you believe and know what Godly living is all about! Bending like that will hurt our Christian walk and our witness to others as well.  I know sometimes it's hard not to slip from time to time, but if we keep slipping, and not trying to stand upright, eventually we could end up slipping that one last time and not getting back up!  So, I know that it's hard to stand upright and that it might hurt some things in your life like maybe a particular friendship, or a business deal or whatever, but you cannot let this world change who you are in Christ!  I heard TD Jakes say something on Tv last night that really stuck with me, he said " Do not let your environment get inside of you"  I love that!  It's so true.  Don't get comfortable bending to meet what everyone else wants you to do, because think about it, are they going to be there to help you answer to God when you are standing before Him on that final day?  Live for God, not the world!    Amen!