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The other day I was in the middle of a regular day.  I had just put the kids down for their naps and began doing some little things around the house.  Well, I remembered I needed to glue back together a little figurine that had been broken.  I started applying the glue to it and held the broken pieces together, I pressed them together firmly and when I tried to let go, my fingers were glued to the pieces so I kept pulling them back apart.  I tried not to let this get the best of my patience but my patience was running thin, haha  So, I believe it was at the point where I really did it, I finally glued my forefinger and my thumb together!  I almost lost skin over getting them apart! Ouch!  At that moment the Lord spoke to me and said :

When I glue things back together, I don't make mistakes, I glue the right things together.  There are no cracks showing when I glue things back together, there are not weak spots where I glue things back together, In fact, they are stronger than before! 

Wow, I thought, that is so true!  God's glue is the best!  It's so very true!  God doesn't make a mistake at all, He puts things back together the right way, the first time! When we try to put things back together that we have broken within ourselves or others, we never can seem to do it alone; seems like no matter what we do to put these things back together, (relationships, financial problems, our own broken hearts) no matter what WE do on our own to try and put these things back together, it never works, unless we look to the Lord for help.  We can fool ourselves and say that we did, but we're never truly truly happy with the outcome when we try to piece things back together with our own glue.    So, if you're ever doubting where God has put you and why, just remember, He NEVER makes mistakes!  His glue sticks forever and ever!  Amen!  Glory to God He's awesome!