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One day I was outside with my kids and it was a bit windy so we decided to fly kites.  If you have ever done that, then you'll know how fun it is and how frustrating it can be if you can't get that kite up in the air and flying!  Well, my daughter seemed to have the hang of it, but my son was getting impatient and started running and dragging his on the ground.  Eventually he ended up quite tangled in the kite string.  It was wrapped a few times around his legs, his arms were getting tangled and the more I tried to untangle him, the more he moved and the worse the situation became.  At that moment the Lord spoke this to me:

Sometimes all I want is for you to be still and know that I Am the Lord and just listen to me.  The more you struggle in a situation the worse it becomes unless you stop to hear Me.  I am here, just listen.

That sure was an eye opener to me.  I was standing there telling my son, just be still, be still, the more you move the worse it gets!  And all along, that's what God wants us to do sometimes is just.... be still!  I know in the hectic parts of the day it's hard to just quietly reflect on the things of God but we have to.  That way we will know that the Lord is unchanging, He is steady, He is not going anywhere, we're the one's moving around like a fish out of water, just struggling to get back!  Just take time to be still ... and listen and the kite strings that you are tangled in will let loose so you may be free.