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I babysit children for a living and one day, as I was serving the kids lunch, I offered the 4 yr old something, then offered the 1 year old the same thing.  Well, the 4 yr old kinda sniffed it and looked at it and examined it very well then crinkled up her nose and put it down.  The 1 year old, as soon as I put it in her hand, she could not get it in her mouth fast enough!  And in a split second after that, the Lord spoke to me and said:

  A mature Christian will examine what is offered to him/or her before he/or she eats it.  A baby Christian is so hungry and eager for more knowledge that he/or she will eat anything without examining it first.  That is how people are misled and taught false things

I just had to smile and reflect on that for awhile and thought to myself how much that made sense.  So many times we are lured in by interesting books or speakers and we don't go to the scriptures to make sure that what is being taught or said is Biblical or not.  Let's all make sure we examine things before we feed them to our soul and our spirits.